Open Letter to a Rapist’s Father

brockturner memeRecently, Brock Turner was convicted of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster after a party. It was recommended that he be sentenced to 16 years in prison. Instead, some shit for brains judge deemed the young Mr. Turner to have too much “potential” and too much of a future as a swimmer and so sentenced him to a mere 6 months in a county jail. Of which he will probably only serve a few weeks, if we’re lucky.

Turner’s father, Dan, then wrote a letter about how “20 minutes” shouldn’t affect the rest of his son’s life and how it was an “event” and how this is going to harm his son. It was nauseating. In response to the elder Mr. Turner’s whiny letter of umbrage, I have myself written a brief letter explaining why he’s a piece of shit. Enjoy.

Dear Mr. Turner,

One hopes against hope that your son isn’t raped in prison. However, if it does happen, are you going to dismiss it as “just one rape” as long as he isn’t raped repeatedly? How many rapes does it take to count? Three rapes? Twenty?

Rape is rape, you irresponsible piece of shit. I see now where your son gets his morals and values from. No wonder he re-wrote his little narrative after finding out his victim was unable to recall his attack. I don’t care if it took 20 minutes or 20 hours. It can take only seconds to kill. I think the fact that it took 20 minutes and he didn’t think “I shouldn’t do this” in that space of time is a condemnation, not a reason to minimize. 20 minutes is a long damn time to have a stranger holding you down behind a dumpster and violating you against your will.

Thanks for giving us all a view into the shady way you’ve raised your son to view women and rape. Again, I hope nothing happens to him. Odds are better for him than a woman on the street. 1 in 10 men are raped in prison. 1 in 5 women are raped in college. He’s statistically safer in prison than a woman is in college.

Think about that while you worry about your son.

Sick of Rape Culture.


The Aliens (a song)

I’m tired of all this talk about the aliens and how people think they want to rule the Earth.
I believe the truth may be much simpler and just might be a thought to cause you mirth.
I don’t believe the aliens are as sinister and experts here often like to say.
The truth might really be they’re as dumb as you and me
And visitors are just guys who lost their way.

Crop circles might be only big graffiti from aliens who just stopped to sign their name.
Or maybe they just stopped to take a tinkle and chose to jerk our collective chain
Or maybe it’s two guys out on a bender–who says an alien doesn’t like his beer?
Perhaps they’re only playing and all they’re really saying
Is “We really like the chicks that you have here!”

And I believe there might be a connection between aliens and dryers that eat socks.
Perhaps they think the socks are quite delicious and don’t have as many calories as rocks.
They may be serving them as appetizers, a special treat at any alien bash.
Perhaps they like to eat things that taste like sweaty feet.
Just be happy that they didn’t take your stash!

Abductions are another cause of terror. A capture by an alien is our dread.
No one wants to feel an icy probe prodding in his belly or his head.
But try to think of aliens as friendly. It’s not their aim to try and make us cry.
The truth might only be that our blood and bile and pee
Are substances that get an alien high.

So now I have amused with this ditty about our little friends from outer space.
And if you ever have a chance to meet one, greet him with a smile upon your face.
Remember that out there in the Universe the aliens are our celestial friends.
They know who we are ’cause they’re watching form afar and might save our ass when our world finally ends!



She stands in the center of a circle strewn with steaming remains. Panting and sweaty, she turns and surveys the twitching, moaning heap of gore that was minutes before a dozen men. Her sword hand now hangs limp and drizzles blood and clots of matter onto the ground. Her skin is streaked with their blood and her skirts are heavy with dirt and macabre bits of the men that once were. Without regret or qualm, she calmly steps over their dying chunks as she wipes her blade on her kilt. Brushing the bloody hair from her eyes, she spares one glance back, and a slow smile covers her face. Turning, she leaves them as carrion for the scavengers.


Another Nasty Hypocrite: AKA Good Christian.



Ahh, Facebook….you supply an endless source of idiotic, hateful theists. Nessy unfriended me after this exchange. What

sterling example of Christian loving-kindness.

Nessy: for you ..then thank you for helping and Jesus that your ass was there x

Jenna: Then why didn’t Jesus do it?

Nessy: because he doesnt have a physical body at the moment

Jenna: Then what good is he?

Nessy: He has answered my prayers for every great thing in my life that i have, so im happy with our relationship

Jenna: Then you’d be happy to take a scriptural prayer challenge???

Nessy: a what lol?

Jenna: John 14:13 says, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” These words are attributed to Jesus.

Here’s the challenge: I have a specific miracle in mind. It should be quite simple for Jesus …See More

Nessy: I dont follow anyones ideas on religion, or every man written word of the bible. I am the church of Nessy so call me a cherry picker if you will i dont care im a spiritual individual with my own faith and philosophies.

Jenna : Do you believe the words that Jesus supposedly spoke???

Nessy: If i was certain that they were his words yes x

Nessy: What do you want me to pray for lol?

Jenna: Nessy, I’m rather strict about this sort of thing……if you’re going to promote or expound an ideology on my page, then you have to be prepared to prove it.

And the thing I wish you to pray for will be revealed after 24 hours. Surely Jesus can read my mere mortal mind.

Nessy: lol! im not promoting anything? you asked a question and i answered..

Nessy: Jesus wouldnt want to read your mind Jenna..he would need therapy lol

Jenna: So which is it? Does Jesus answer your prayers or not? This is quite important to me. Are you too afraid to fail?

Jenna: Nessy, are you implying that I’m so demented and evil that the son of god couldn’t handle my psyche?

Do you know what sort of insult you’ve just delivered as a joke? Just because I don’t believe in your deity doesn’t mean I know a slam when I see it.

Nessy: not all of them ..no

Jenna: So did Jesus lie in John 14:13?

Jenna: Don’t you think he’d answer something that would “save my mortal soul”?

Nessy: lmao i thought you were proud of your insanity and dark side i apologise if i offended you

Jenna: I’m proud of the fact that I’m creative and I embrace both my light and dark sides.

However, I think you’re afraid to fail.

Nessy: nope

Jenna: Then do you accept the challenge?

Nessy: no

Nessy: lol game of thrones starts in 10 minutes

Jenna: Why not? Don’t you have faith?

Jenna: So you’re only a “Christian” as a convenience and not as any true conviction.

Jenna: There’s a name for people like that………

Nessy: like i said i dont conform to no laws or rules i have my own spirituality

Jenna: Then please respect MY PAGE and don’t promote your amorphous spirituality and belief in Jesus unless you’re prepared to back it up.

Nessy: back it up with what ? my own 37 years of life experiences philosophy and reading and cram it into a facebook comment..ok fine keep your atheist shit to yourself and off my homepage . Bye now Jenna nice knowing you NOT

Jenna: That doesn’t qualify as proof or evidence. I don’t go on YOUR page and post ANYTHING atheist.

Jenna: BTW, I see how respectful and decent you are as a “Christian”. Y’all are more than happy to spew your “beliefs” as fact but when challenged, you become nasty and vicious.

And so it always goes………


Hypocritical Christians…….AGAIN!!!

  • Image
    Carolyn:He doesn’t believe in Jesus does he?
    Andy Carolyn, why is that relevant? To my knowledge, it is a factual observation.
  • Carolyn I find most twist and decipher words whatever way best suits their beliefs. One can make the Bible say whatever they want.
    Jenna Carolyn, the FACT is that Jesus NEVER SAID ANYTHING about homosexuality. If he did, cite the chapter and verse. FYI, the writings of Paul do not count as the words of Jesus. Whether you like it or not, facts are facts.

    Oh, and if one can make the Bible say whatever they want, then aren’t YOU making it fit YOUR notions as well?

    Don’t bitch about the facts just because they don’t suit your bigotry.
  • Carolyn Grrrrrrr
  • Jenna Smith Grrrrr, right back at ya, toots!
  • Carolyn Not fighting Jenna….just why does Jesus or the Bible need to be brought into this topic to show support (especially by someone who doesn’t believe).
  • Jenna  YOU brought it up!!! AND it’s in the pic!!! Are you THAT oblivious to what actually exists????
  • Carolyn  It’s in the pic … that is why it was brought up….now hang it up.
  • Jenna Why are you bitching TO ME about bringing it up then???? You’re just mad because I call you on your bullshit.
  • Jenna It’s really simple, Carolyn, don’t start nothing….won’t be nothing.
  • Jenna Oh, and Colbert brought it up to point out the HYPOCRISY. You know hypocrisy…..the basis of your entire life……
  • Carolyn Wow…you know me?
  • Jenna I know you’re mad at ME for shit you said….AND IT’S NOT THE FIRST TIME. Every experience I’ve had of you is steeped in hot, gooey hypocrisy. Also, if you think the Bible is your guide….yet “One can make the Bible say whatever they want”…..aren’t you doing that as well? You can’t have it both ways.
  • Carolyn Bye Jenna
  • Jenna You get your Jesus-panties in a wad when I point out your hypocrisy…..then run away. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    Jenna Oh, and I won’t let you delete it all this time…..I’ve copied it and I’m blogging it!!! You’re free to read it when I’m done. I’ll post the link!!!
    (And I did exactly what I said I would do!)

Christian Loving-Kindness–Go to Hell, You Damned Atheist!

dead babies with jesusA friend posted this picture on Facebook after the Sandy Hook murders showing children being welcomed to heaven by Jesus:

The following exchange ensued. (I’m Jenna)

Jenna: This is a rather hideous thing to say to people who have lost their babies….how can a person say that those poor children are now better off dead with NO EVIDENCE? I know it’s meant to comfort, but if I had lost a child…no matter the circumstance….I would be offended and appalled if someone told me my child was better off now with Jesus in heaven.

Carolyn: Where would you rather think they are?

Jenna: They are dead. There is no evidence for any other assumption. It’s very sad and disheartening, but no matter where or what I might wish or hope for, the fact remains that assertions without evidence are merely fairy tales. What I would rather think or what I find pleasant or charming has nothing to do with the facts. And the fact is no one has any evidence of an afterlife of any variety.

Carolyn: You are wrong….but I’ll let you decide how to deal with tragedy and with whom….I prefer grabbing onto Jesus. You are also wrong that there is no evidence….

Jenna: Then provide that evidence. You’ll have to do better than the Bible. That won’t work. You do not have any evidence of an afterlife. You just have a hope…..and a false hope in my estimation. I would rather deal with the hard facts of life head on than lie to myself and others merely for comfort.

Carolyn: I would rather have that hope and that belief and find I am wrong than not have it and find out I am wrong.

Jenna: Carolyn, that’s just Pascal’s Wager. You are taking the bet. It’s a sucker bet. Hope and belief without evidence is gullibility and wishful thinking.

Dom: We would all be better off in heaven. This place is temporary. You may reject heaven but you will believe in hell.

Dom: It’s not gullibility it is not to try to wrap your brain around Gods. People will believe things on TV nature shows that say ” it is not known how blank happens”but it does. I pity the people that can only believe in what their limited brains tell them. We don’t have evidence the universe is infinite but people believe that. So sad. And your right if it was your child you would be devastated because you would be and are lost. Good luck with that. I wish the best for you.

Dom: Medical miracles that have no medical expiation and are in journals. There is evidence. But you have to accept it to see it. It doesn’t work the other way around. It’s not show me God and I will come to you. It’s I’m here lord show me.

Carolyn: Thanks Dom…..someone definitely is lost huh? I always wonder what people who do not have any faith in anything but themselves would do when a crisis hits….eventually they will find out. I wish them luck with that too.

Dom: Got to love them all.

Dom: Love true love is evidence enough for me. No hard feeling Jenna I love you too.

Jenna: Dom, love has an evolutionary basis and is not evidence for a god. I reject heaven and hell and god all for the exact same reason. NO EVIDENCE. For you to say, “you may reject heaven but you will believe in hell” is not only a really vicious thing to say to a woman you do not know, it’s a baseless threat. It’s gullibility to believe in that for which you have NO EVIDENCE. Medical miracles DO have explanations. Spontaneous healing is part of the human condition. Evidence shouldn’t be subjective. I shouldn’t have to have faith to see. That’s ridiculous. If I need faith….IT’S NOT EVIDENCE. And look at you and Carolyn….acting superior and condescending toward me saying I’m lost and one day I’ll find out. What a vile and hateful way to be toward someone who has done NOTHING to you. If this is how you two express your love, you need to reevaluate what you think love is. You both seem to think that I deserve eternal pain and suffering merely for not accepting your deity. How is that loving? How is that kind? How can either of you call yourselves good people when you have basically told me I’m going to be punished FOREVER for the finite crime of not being able to believe something? Do you honestly think telling me that YOU THINK I deserve hell is showing me love? This is part of the problem with Christians….you openly and without shame judge me as worthy of eternal damnation just because I don’t think your god exists and because I’ve asked for evidence. This is not the hallmark of a good person. Shame on both of you. Even the mythical Jesus taught that you weren’t supposed to judge people….but I see you two willfully and with enthusiasm ignore that teaching. No Dom, you don’t love me. If that is how you show love, I pity your friends and relatives.

Carolyn: Oh my….angry much? I never wish hell for anyone. And I never said you would be punished….it is easy to be carefree and happy when things are going well in our lives, but when that world crashes around me….I need Jesus to scream to…and have. I did not judge…just simply wonder who people that speak so hatefully and bitterly scream to…reach out to…when their world crashes. I’ll take the peace Jesus has blessed me with any day…and believe me…it did not come without my pushing it away for a looong time….virtually thinking I could control my own life. Best wishes to you Jenna…we all must choose our own paths…you obviously are pleased with yours.

Jenna: You said, “someone is definitely lost” and “eventually they find out”…implying that you agree with Dom’s assessment that I will burn in hell. You DID judge. And yes, I get angry when self-righteous Christians pretend the KNOW what they cannot know and use that to belittle and defame me. I never spoke hatefully or bitterly….only facutally. Again, you’re judging. What you don’t know is that I used to be a VERY devout Christian. I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from and your mindset and your patronizing attitude is very much a part of that belief system. It was when I was HONEST and did the study (comparative theology for 17 years, FYI) that I realized that it had no basis in fact and was, in large part, morally indefensible. Don’t talk like I don’t KNOW EXACTLY what is going on. I do. So yes….I’m angry at both of you for your pernicious, vicious, mean-hearted assessment and judgement of me. The ONLY thing you know about me is that I do not believe in your god and that was enough for you both to condemn me. And yes, you did too….going along with Dom was agreeing that I deserve hell. At least be adult and admit the truth….it’s written right there for all to see.

Carolyn: Oh sweetie…go take your meds.

Jenna: Really? Now you’re judging me to be mentally ill. How utterly typical of your kind.

Dom: Jenna. I don’t condemn you or judge you. You have made a choice based on your knowledge I can tell you are intelligent probably far more than I am. My point is that you can’t dismiss the probability of an afterlife until your dead. I personally have seen God work in many people’s lives. I can’t judge you. I just have seen many instances working in the medical field where I believe God is at work. This is a rough and painful life and if you believe this is all there is then why does it matter if you die at six or 90. Those kids will never suffer again. You criticize my belief and say your offended but your quick to point out that Christians are weak and need a crutch. Why then would you say disrespectful things about something that make so many live worth living and die peacefully. I don’t have anything against you. As a matter of fact I feel love for you. My question to you is are you afraid to die. I am not. I am ready today. The reason it is such a emotional issue is because believers cannot force anyone to believe and we want you to have what we have. I guarantee there are minds far greater than ours that can except the truth with no evidence of an after life. There are other resources besides the bible that account the resurrection. And the external evidence of Christ is overwhelming.

Jenna: You already HAVE judged me.

Jenna: And there is absolutely no extra-Biblical evidence that Jesus ever lived.

Jenna: Oh….and you don’t get to question me. I have not challenged you nor questioned you….merely pointed out that telling me that I deserve hell is a hideous and vicious thing to say. You seem to have a LOT against me. So save your half-assed apologetics and your smarmy “love” for someone who needs it. I will NEVER need a “love” like yours.

Dom: I haven’t judged you. If you feel that I have I apologize. For all I know God will have mercy on atheists. He is a good God. And there are historical records that Jesus existed. Are you afraid to die?

Dom: I never said you or anyone deserves hell. But whether you like it or not I feel love for you and everybody in this world. And if you can’t answer those simple questions I understand.

Jenna: There are no comtemporary accounts of your Jesus. NONE. You HAVE judged me…and without any reason or cause. I don’t need nor want your apologies. I always appreciate it when people show me their true selves. You have no evidence for god, heaven, hell or Jesus other than your Bible. Sorry, but that doesn’t stand up to skeptical criticisms. Even Christian theologians admit there is evidence of the existence of Jesus outside the Bible. And no, I’m not answering your snotty question.

Jenna: You DID say I would go to hell, and in a rather smug way. You DO NOT love me in any way, and if that’s how you “love” people, again, I pity your friends and family. It is not that I cannot answer your question….it is that I WILL NOT answer a question from a man who has already decided that I’m beneath him because I cannot believe his fairy tale.

Dom: I don’t think I am better than you because I’m a Christian or anything else. If you knew me personally you’d love me too. You have put down the most important thing in my life. I reacted as a person. In defense of my core belief. Truly sorry for any offense. Best wishes. I hope you forgive me.

Jenna: Dom. I used to BE a Christian. Part of the Christian mindset is that you’re better than ALL non-Christians simply because you’re Christians. Some use it as a backhanded and patronizing insult, as you do. Others use it more honestly as an insult. I didn’t put down ANYTHING about you or your beliefs. I merely stated that there was no EVIDENCE. YOU chose to take offense and see it as an attack . I know you’re not actually sorry and I don’t forgive people for being themselves. I merely accept that you’re not the sort of person I choose to associate with. I don’t condemn nor approve. I merely disassociate myself with such people. I do not want to know you personally. This exchange has illustrated most gorgeously that you’re not a nice man.

Carolyn: Unbelievable!

Mary Lou: Jenna, I’ve known you are an atheist from comments you’ve made on ur page, yet I’ve never gone on your page preaching Christianity. I’ve never gone on your page and insulted atheists. Yet you come on my page and tout your atheist views and insult my friends….and my son. Dom is one of the kindest hearted people I know and believe me, everyone who knows him loves him. He and his wife are nurses, and once a month he and his family go to a place in downtown Dallas and spend several hours feeding the homeless. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk and is always looking for ways to make the lives of less fortunate better. I just think it’s audacious of you to come on my page insulting Christianity when you wouldn’t appreicate others going on your page insulting atheists and preaching Christianity.

Jenna: Mary, I didn’t insult them first. They insulted me by calling me lost and saying I was going to hell. I never said ANYTHING about what either of them has or has not done outside this comment section….but they BOTH were rude to me for NO REASON. I didn’t belittle their faith, merely said I saw no evidence for it. I didn’t tout ANY views, but I did ask for evidence and was very polite until I was attacked. It’s unfortunate that you don’t see how they belittled and insulted me when ALL I DID was state facts. I couldn’t care less what Dom does with his weekends if he tells me IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that he believes I deserve hell merely for not believing what he does….and he said that. If you think telling strangers they are “lost” and they are going to hell is nice, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s NOT.

Jenna: Mary, fair is fair…..if you’re going to call me out, you need to call Carolyn and Dom out for being nasty for NO REASON. Please re-read the exchange and notice that I NEVER said either of them deserved punishment or were lost. Nor did I imply they were insane, as Carolyn did. It’s unfortunate that you think merely asking for real evidence is an attack on Christianity, but it’s not.

Carolyn: They walk among us….breathe the same air Mary Lou. Scary!!

Jenna: What does that mean, Carolyn? You sound as if you think I’ve got a contagious disease or I’m some sort of monster. Do you not think that is rude to imply that I’m somehow frightening merely because I want evidence before I believe something? Really? Is that how you think? What is SO HORRIBLE about me that you think it’s scary that I breathe the same air you do? How would you feel if someone said such things about you? You’re not a nice woman if you can imply over and over that I’m crazy or scary or somehow not fit to breathe the same air. THAT is the superior attitude that I referred to earlier. Thanks for giving me another demonstration of what an unpleasant person you are.

(I’ll update when and if more is said!)


Muslims Are Testy

Well, well, well….seems that I’ve upset a little Muslim chick and she tried to get me to censor myself, then she was rude and hateful, then she attempted to convert me. She has been informed that her name WILL be used and has given her permission. There are some French portions of the exchange so I will post translations (courtesy of Google Translate) of those underneath each portion.

Let’s get started with this little episode starting back on June 30, 2012:
Kaoutar Zahraoui: Je n’ai pas vraiment aimé ce commentaire. J’aimerais qu’il soit supprimé.
(I have not really liked this comment. I would like it removed.)

The comment:
Jenna Smith (June 30, 2012): Oh….here’s a question for you to think about……if your god is so great, why does he need humans to do his work for him? Why would an all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe need weak, frail, fallible humans to do ANYTHING for him? The whole idea of your god falls apart with the least little scrutiny. How is that real? Real things stand up to questions and scrutiny…..imaginary things fall apart.

Content URL: https://www.facebook.com/rihab.peaceful/posts/487081101307021

Kaoutar Zahrouhi: Je n’ai pas vraiment aimé ce commentaire. J’aimerais qu’il soit supprimé.
(I have not really liked this comment. I would like it removed.)

The comment:
Jenna Smith (June 30, 2012): Honey, if you wish to believe lies, then don’t be surprised when someone uses them to control you. And they already do. Your god does not DO anything. He doesn’t even give you comfort! YOU DO THAT. As for me, I have plenty of things to believe in……humanity, the earth, love, laughter, the inrinsic goodness of people…..LOTS of things that don’t require me to swallow lies, repeat lies or believe lies. BTW, if you don’t want people to comment on a post, don’t make the post.

Content URL: https://www.facebook.com/rihab.peaceful/posts/487081101307021

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Je n’ai pas vraiment aimé ce commentaire. J’aimerais qu’il soit supprimé.
(I have not really liked this comment. I would like it removed.)

The comment:
Jenna Smith (June 30, 2012): Oh, and that propaganda spread by Muslim religious leaders about learned people becoming Muslim is pure lies. NAME THEM if they are so apparent and prominent. If you’re going to make such claims, you have to back them up! You have blindly accepted these stories without doing the research yourself.I HAVE done the research…..and that is why I KNOW that the god of Ibrahim is a myth.

Content URL: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=440191529346008&set=a.176341132397717.39061.100000654956542&type=1

Jenna Smith: Je ne suis pas enlever tout de mes commentaires. Vous n’avez pas à les aimer.
(I will not remove any of my comments. You do not have to like them.)
Kaoutar Zahraoui: GO TO HELL 😀 (Yeah, she added a smiley.)

Jenna Smith: Le fait demeure que si l’islam était si parfait, il pourrait résister à toute quantité de questionnement et de contrôle ….. mais il ne fonctionne pas. Avec un peu de la pensée au petit il est détruit et se sont révélés la doctrine fondée sur la peur d’un seigneur de la guerre mesquine qu’il est. Il n’est pas divin ou sacré. C’est juste une façon de contrôler les masses par la peur et la haine.
(The fact remains that if Islam was so perfect, it could withstand any amount of questioning….. but it does not work. With a little thought it is destroyed and found to be a doctrine based on fear of a petty warlord. It is not divine or sacred. It’s just a way to control the masses through fear and hatred.)

Jenna Smith: “GO TO HELL”? Is that the peaceful premise of Islam you love to tout?
There is no hell. Your god is not real. Don’t use it for a reason to be hateful and mean……as you so obviously are.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I do not think you have a mind because I do not see it … I see only “effect” of your mind, that is, that by your intelligence you can speak coherently or solve a problem, but anyway, I do not see his intelligence. Do I need a hole in his head to find it? …

We do not see God, but that’s not to say that He does not exist, everything around us is proof of the existence of God. (Any act requires an author, then a fortiori the universe needs a creator).

Kaoutar Zahraoui: You’re sick honney 🙂 you have no source of life! I pity you

Jenna Smith: Don’t make personal jabs….you won’t help your case. I have not said ANYTHING rude or personal.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: You’ll never succeed me change my mind and belief that Allah is unique and there! So do not break your head;)

Jenna Smith: You should ask yourself then…..why does god not smite me dead? If I am so offensive to your god, why does he not kill me?

Kaoutar Zahraoui: i will tell you why ! wait

Jenna Smith: The universe has been proved to have created itself.
I’m not trying to change your mind……I didn’t address you at ALL. I addressed Rihab.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: You adresse all the musilman ! WE ARE UNITED 🙂

Jenna Smith: I know why I won’t change your mind….you are too scared to see the truth….there are billions of others just like you. It’s sad, really, that you’re so fearful of death that you waste your life worshipping something that does not exist.
Oh…..all Muslims are united, huh? Does that mean you’re a terrorist?

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Okeey ! prove me that you existe JENNA 😉
Prove me that ur really alive
prove me that is YOU and no one else 😉

Jenna Smith: Don’t be silly or rude.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: no im NOT !
im treating the subject such you do 😉

Jenna Smith: The fact remains that if your religions was right ad true, no amount of questioning would shake it…..and you wouldn’t be getting so mad right now.
No, I’m talking about ISLAM….you’re talking about ME.
If you’re not going to be polite, go talk to someone else.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Noo ! i’m talking about the fact you can prove the existence of something 😉

Jenna Smith: You are mad because deep down inside your heart, you know I am correct. Otherwise, you would have no reason to be mad.
You’re being silly, Kaoutar.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: What is your religion?

Jenna Smith: Try this…..have your god, if he is so real and powerful, reveal himself to me.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Who’s your god ?

Jenna Smith: I don’t have a god.

Jenna Smith: Now, back to the subject…..if your god is real, have him prove it.
Surely he can do one tiny thing like that!

Jenna Smith: OR….have your god kill me….whichever you prefer……have your god show himself or kill me….your choice. I’ll give him until tomorrow morning to do one or the other.
24 hours……surely that’s enough time for the creator of the universe to show me himself or kill me.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: (I’m not going to bother to translate the Arabic.)لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله

Jenna Smith: I speak 3 languages….Arabic is not one of them.
Now…..unless you can get your omnipotent deity to DO something that proves himself to ME….I shall continue to KNOW that it’s just a myth and challenge the idea that he is real anytime I wish.
Have a lovely day! Enjoy the gifts that NATURE has provided.
And I’m not removing any comments! MWAH!!!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: My ALLAH is tolerable, he knows it’s out of you and that you are ignorant that’s why you say that! I love my god and I believe in him! thank you god because I have this advantage that you did not you! my god I know when I read his book the Quoran I am so impressed with the sacred words that is in it! when I pray I feel that I can see it at any time with me to help me! I just feel calm and quiet and I have no problems in my religious life to know that I’m in the right way!
I will not answer you because you speak in a way ugly and sorry for the expression but you do not respect! you persist! you do not wanna know! if you’re really curious and want to know our religion, seeks! looking good! looking in the right direction, and I am sure and certain that you will be convinced!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Check this out si t’en es vraiment interessée à savoiif you’re really interested in) r ( Jenna 😉
La page de l’islam – Dieu existe-t-il ?…
pour connaître, apprendre, comprendre l’Islam… simplement… sereinement….(to know, learn, understand Islam … just … serenely)

Jenna Smith: If your god is so tolerable….then why does he allow children to die?
I’ve studied Islam. It is no different than Christianity.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Then you havent :p

Jenna Smith: I don’t speak French.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: or you’ve studied on the bad way
Okeei i’m gonna translate what is written in 🙂

Jenna Smith: That is the EXACT SAME thing Christians say when you don’t accept their mythology too!

Jenna Smith
Don’t bother. I don’t need it.

I see what Islam produces….

ILGA: Lesbians in Iran: Stories of Persecution and Torture
The Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR) documented cases of Iranian lesbians being forced into marriage, persecuted, become victims of extortion, “persuaded” to undergo hormone treatment and/or sex reassignment procedure, take unnecessary medication for serious mental disorders, raped and tor….

Kaoutar Zahraoui: then it deppens on you ! if you really want to know the right islam you wont care about what the other sayes 😉 you will be WISE !

Jenna Smith: Your religion is a myth.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Okeey 🙂 ! that’s ur point of view

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Please read this well 😉 :

Question: How can you prove that God exists, not through faith.
Answer: The Evidence for the existence of God, even for those who are not believers, are so numerous that we could not identify all. Indeed, each element of the universe, the infinitely large to the infinitely small, is proof of the existence of a Creator. However, we could name three who are ample rational arguments to prove God’s existence to anyone seeking the truth with complete objectivity.
The first sign that attests to the existence of a Creator lies in the sublime order and the flawless organization that governs the universe and protects just the chaos. From the information that we currently have on the solar system, we learn for example that only needs a change of some parameters for cosmic life on earth is not possible. Is it the “Chance” and that has positioned our planet from the sun and moon in relation to it, knowing that a different position would have made our beautiful “blue planet” a chaotic place, unable to accommodate any form of life? It’s the same molecular structure. Small differences in distance between the components of the atom would suffice again to annihilate all living existence. The question again is whether chance alone can explain this order and precision …??? In my opinion, believe that chance and natural organization are the only factors in this situation is the “feat” intellectual.
The second sign that proves the existence of God is the great complexity that characterizes all living organisms: human, animal or plant. Just to be sure to refer again to the information provided by researchers and scientists on the issue.
Another sign of the existence of God: The great diversity found in the form of creatures, yet are all composed of the same basic elements. Can we again take seriously that chance alone could produce such diversity?
However, it is quite surprising that the new discoveries in science have resulted in many researchers away from the recognition of the Creator. It seems that their powers of deduction and perception are too blinded by the clarity of the signs of the presence of the Supreme Being, as too much light blinds the human eye and prevents discern what s offer to him. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that scientific progress, far away from the faith, only serves to confirm that. In other words, one who is convinced of the existence of God sees the fruits of modern discoveries as elements of the overall process established by God for the organization of the universe. The origin of this process, the only Master is of course the Almighty. Those who deny the existence of a creative entity and attribute to Nature only the existence and evolution of the elements of the universe actually focus their attention on the process driver, blinded by the Supreme Force which was originally and is
responsible for its proper operation. It is quite absurd to claim that science alone explains everything. Actually, she just enlighten ourselves about the “how” of things, but it is silent on the origin and the “why” of these things. Where does such distinctive signs present in every human being, as his fingerprints? … its genetic signature? … Why each of these brands is it unique to each individual? Or, from which consciousness and the human psyche? What rational person can accept that a “cosmic soup” could lead to (even after billions of years and many billions of transformations, chemical reactions, developments etc …) such an awareness, such a reason and so developed a mental structure?
In conclusion, I would add that the recognition of God is a feeling buried deep in the conscience of every human being. However, many people force their intellect to “stifle” the innate feeling. Only in extreme situations (like when dying for example) that sometimes to appear. How many times have we heard that people, when they were confronted with death, did call for help or protection of God, while those same people have often spent their lives denying the very presence of God whatsoever.
Jenna Smith: I have read the Quran and Hadith and studied for a year and a half under an Imam. He couldn’t answer my questions any better than you do.

And I am not reading that. I do not have the time for you to throw huge texts at me.

Jenna Smith: You have to respect my time more than that.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: You persist, and you do not want to change ur mind as I do! then remain in peace: p

Jenna Smith: The fact remains that YOU cannot prove your god exists so you have to rely on excuses and apologetics and give reasons why, why, why….when all you really have to do is realize it’s a lie and not necessary!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: All I can do is to pray god to help you to know exactely the right way !


Kaoutar Zahraoui: If you were convinced you of your religion was not going to look for other religions 😉

Jenna Smith: Your god has 24 hours to prove to me he exists.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Go study your religion first :p
My god is greater than playing this game with you
the future will prove you 😉 and it will be toooo late

Jenna Smith: I was raised a Christian…..and when I realized it was a lie, I went looking for another. That was when I did my year of Islam and realized because I HAD studied Christianity that it was exactly the same.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Good day Jenna and nice to talk with you

Jenna Smith: Dear, I’ve spent 17 years studying comparative theology….I know more about religion….including YOURS…..than you do.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I congratulate you! may be that you know any study but unfortunately you have no feelings to feel the true path!

Jenna Smith: But don’t be a coward…….ask your god to SHOW ME. Have him PROVE himself to me……he’s got 24 hours. I think that would be easy for the creator of the universe……
There is no “true path”.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Well He has no time for you!

Jenna Smith: So god has time constraints???
The most powerful being in the universe who can be everywhere at once can’t take 2 seconds to show me he is real????

Kaoutar Zahraoui: he created us, he gave evidence for any moral and for all! and he left us the choice! if you want to believe it’s good if you’re free! my god does not force anyone to do something!

Jenna Smith: That does not make sense!
If god gave humans morals, why do people without gods behave morally?
Why do animals behave morally?
You’re not making sense.
And I didn’t say have your god FORCE me to do anything….just SHOW ME.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I would add that the recognition of God is a feeling buried deep in the conscience of every human being. However, many people force their intellect to “stifle” the innate feeling. Only in extreme situations (like when dying for example) that sometimes to appear. How many times have we heard that people, when they were confronted with death, did call for help or protection of God, while those same people have often spent their lives denying the very presence of God whatsoever 😉

Jenna Smith: Do you not see how you are contradicting yourself and making god impossible to exist?
The recognition of god is merely a learned response due to branwashing.
So god won’t help….he just hinders???
LOL…..your arguments are AGAINST god!!!!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: He helps those who believe in him!

Jenna Smith: That doesn’t make sense either.
If he wants me to believe, he has to show me……I didn’t ask him to help me. JUST SHOW HIMSELF.
BTW, you’re making the EXACT SAME EXCUSES that Christians make for god!!!!
It’s as if you’re using a script!
It’s really simple, Kaoutar…..if your god is real and he wants me to believe in him…..all he has to do is SHOW HIMSELF to me. VERY SIMPLE. One tiny thing…….
He has 24 hours.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: if allah will appear! and show Himself as u say! it will not be sacred (ma3adallah) it will be like any ordinary human! if you wanna see allah, will see youself in mirroire you see the creature of Allah around you, then you will see!
Why you tell me that ? i wont order Allah to show himself for you !!! A3OUDOU BILLAH!
it between you and HIM sub7anaah !
Ask him to do whatever to prove that he existe !
cuz you know why , you see things as you want not as they exist
if you want to understand you must be neutral;)
Go learn how to be neutral then came to understand !
you you are stubborn! I will not break my head with you!
May god helps you to know the truth O:)
Salamu 3alaykum 🙂

Kaoutar Zahraoui: if you do not have time for me and my hugs texts! check this video out! it lasts only 10 minutes 🙂

islam: Does God Exist !
Insha-Allah, rate, share and comment. Today the fastest growing religion in the World is Islam..spreading through the Sword of intellect and Wisdom . http://….

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I add one thing more about children who die for no reason! I’ll tell u something, in this life in general, it’s all about destiny : there is always a reason and a moral for everything that happens to us!
Sometimes it happens something bad and we become sad and we say cursed life!!!l! but over time we realize that it was for our good ! Allah loves us and he still wants good for us!
Maybe that those children would live a hard life !! that’s why Allah took them! for not to souffer in life, in their future life ! the future that only Him knows it! 😉

Jenna Smith: Look, YOU cannot prove your god exists. ONLY HE CAN.
I am not moved or impressed by your brainwashed ramblings because not only do they not make any sense AT ALL, they are the EXACT SAME THINGS Christians say!!! You cannot both be right……but you can both be wrong.
So, your god has to show himself to ME. I don’t care about your proof.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Jenna , check this out and you’ll understand why christiens change their religion in Islam! and why they no longer believe in God = Jesus!
This proves that we’re not the same!
And by the way, you’ll find the answer to all your questions! and you’ll know why god can not be seen and appeared! 😉
If you really wanna know the truth !
That’s all i can tell you 🙂
Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus is not God – Joshua Evans – TheDeenShow
In this video Joshual Evans -a former Youth Minister- shares 10 reasons why Jesus can not be God. Get your note book put ready for this one, we’ll be giving ….

Jenna Smith: No, Kaoutar, that won’t explain anything. I don’t think Christianity is right either. The ONLY proof would be if god showed himself to me.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Okeei then wait for it 🙂 ! i told ua that YOU DONT WANT TO UNDERSTAND AS YOU PERSIST ! 😉
When we want to understand something, we try to have proof, we do not require it !

Jenna Smith: No, that’s not how it should work…..if god is THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE….then it should be nothing for him to show me VERY EASILY. It should be so obvious that there is no mistaking it. You’re over there making excuses as to why the most powerful being in the universe can’t do something……and you don’t realize that JUST DOING THAT proves he does not exist!

Jenna Smith: BTW, I used to believe in the god of Abraham…..then I looked for real proof to back up my belief. When I found NO EVIDENCE AT ALL, I could not, as an honest person, continue to believe something just because it made me comfortable.
I value the truth too much.
So…..24 hours from this morning…..we can call it 9 am…..and god has to give me proof.
Otherwise, he is just a figment of your imagination.
I am not dishonest enough to call “faith” a virtue.

And there it ended. Or so I thought.

Yesterday–July, 19, 2012, Miss Muslim decided to send me another proselytizing Islamic video:

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Hey Jenna 🙂 hope u’re doing well ! i just wanna share with ua this beautiful video! don’t worry it’s in english! you wont lose anything if ua watch it ! it’s from an american men ! 🙂
مسيحي ينهار من البكاء بعد إجابة يوسف إستس على سؤاله !!.
شبكة المُخَلِّص الإخبارية http://5m4u.com/ قناة المُخَلِّص http://youtube.com/ElmokhalesTv.

Jenna Smith: What is it?
Honey, I am not watching a 33 minute video unless I know why you want me to watch it.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: This is a peace conference! From Yusuf Estes!! this men is a live example for the greatness of Islam may Allah reward him Jannah 🙂
Hope ua will watch it!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I’m sure ua will feel soooooo well after 🙂 even if ua dont believe in islam 🙂

Jenna Smith: No. I’m not interested in proselytizing.
I don’t have time to waste on conversion vids.

Kaoutar ZahraouiAs ua like 🙂

Jenna Smith: Please don’t do this sort of thing again. I consider this to be extremely disrepectful and rude. I do not send you private messages trying to convert you and I would appreciate the same consideration.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: i wasnt trying to convert you, i just saw it and i thought of you! i thought it will please ua ! because it contains all the answers to your questions that’s it! sorry anyway if i have disturbedua 🙂

Jenna Smith: You were trying to convert me. I didn’t ask any questions that I didn’t already have answers for.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: But you dnot know your God! and that’s a big question! This is the basis for any belief !

Jenna Smith: I don’t have a god. God is a myth.
YOU think I have a question. I don’t. YOU just want to convince me to stop attacking your religion. I won’t do that.
Kaoutar Zahraoui: You dont have a God :O That’s awful :/ and who created you? yourself ? then why you get sick? why you have problems? why you’re not perfect?

look at around you! all this creature requires the presence of a great creator! which should not be a human! either a myth ! .. 😉

Kaoutar Zahraoui: and attack my religion as you want I’m tolerable!
I just wanna help ua to know the right way to the paradise 🙂

Jenna Smith: Little girl, now you’re being rude. I didn’t ASK for your help and for you to assume I want or need your mythology to be happy is arrogant and disrespectful. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. This entire exchange started because YOU didn’t like something I said about Islam and you demanded I remove some comments.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: for you to live quietly ,cuz ua know if you were a religious person you would not attack other religions! you would be satisfied and happy with your religion 🙂

Jenna Smith: Religion is not the key to happiness. It’s the road to ruin.
Now stop trying to convince me of the rightness of your faith. I am not harassing you and I don’t appreciate you harassing me.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: okey that’s why you’re ruined! and you have nothing to do but comment post of their people and try to change them mind and disturb them! Rihab is my SISTER if you dont know it and i was trying to defend thats all!
I am free to express myself as I want if you do not agree you can not answer me or block me
Too easy 🙂

Jenna Smith: I didn’t attack Rihab. I attacked ISLAM. There was no need to defend her or demand I remove any comments. And you need to stop being so insulting to ME…..I have not said ONE THING about you, but you’re calling me names (ruined, unhappy, sad) and being rude for no reason. I was not bothering you. What is wrong with you that you have to harass a stranger for no reason?

Kaoutar Zahraoui: im NOT rude! maybe it’s ua who see me like that!
Well i’m sorry anyway; last thing i want ua to know, ua said that ua didnt attack Rihab but ISLAM ! well honney, WE as a MUSULMAN ! our religion is something
françaisanglaisarabe sacred to us! you can kill my father or my mother and do NOT speak ill of my religion, my prophet , my ALLAH !!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: cause it was really rude of you to touch our belief! you had to say bad about our God, and you know it’s worse! ua see !

Jenna Smith: You ARE rude. You are harassing a stranger for NO REASON.
And I will say anything I want about your religion. The fact that you’d rather see your family dead than have someone say something TRUE about Islam shows what a horrible religion it is.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Hahahahahahahaha you’re weird! you understand just what you want to understand !!

Okeey ! YOU will say anithing you want .. and I will keep defend ! like that we’re equal 😀

Jenna Smith: You can address me in public. Not privately.
If I post on a comment on a page, you’re free to say anythig you want there. NOT HERE

Kaoutar Zahraoui: i said my father and mother died just to make ua UNDERSTAND an KNOW how much we can be clooose to our religion 😉

Jenna Smith: Be honest and keep it out in the open.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: you’re right ! next time i’ll 🙂

Jenna Smith: No, you meant that you would rather see your family dead than have me speak the truth about Islam
You shouldn’t have addressed me privately today. It was rude and pushy.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: No honney ! that’s what you’ve understood 😉
I dont find myself rude ! 🙂

Jenna Smith: Post it publicly and if I happen to comment, then you can reply. Otherwise, be a decent person and don’t harass me privately.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: if you do i told ua what to do 😉

Jenna Smith: Again, you’re TELLING me….as if I have to follow your orders. You’re really rude.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: im adressing to you not the public 😉

Jenna Smith: I don’t want you to address me privately anymore.
Have a lovely day and feel free to post on my wall.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Thank you 🙂

Jenna Smith: Add me if you wish, but be warned. I do not care about any religion and I attack them ALL. You might get your feelings hurt.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: By the way, if i’m again rude! you AGAIN prouve that uar a closed minded you understand just what you want to understand
Okeey! i will think about it 😀
Bay baay !

Jenna Smith: I studied Islam. I ahve also studied many other religions. What other religions have you spent years studying? I think that demonstrates just exactly how open my mind actually is. You just think I’m closed-minded because I think your religion is wrong. Christians say the same thing. It’s like there’s a “Defend Your Religion With These Easy Phrases” book you all have.

Jenna Smith: Now, you can add me or not. Your choice. I’m not going to answer you again privately.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: oooh please stop giving me your cv !!
Yes , i have study a looooooooooot about ISLAM and every time it prove me that i’m right just the way I AM !!!
But you know at least, people have a religion to believe in and defend! even if they’re wrong! but they believe !! the prob is when you dont believe in ANYTHING !!! that’s awful and sooo sad 😦 😦 !

And guess what! I thought, and I will not add you, I will add the people who will give me one more reason to keep this belief, not someone who will not serve me! it will just upset me 🙂

I promise that I will not bother you again! but if you’ll change your mind and you want me to help you can add me, i’ll do it with pleasure 🙂

One last thing, you have not studied the knowledge and all that has no relation with age? so stop calling me Little girl heein 😉

Jenna Smith: Yes, my dear, you’re a little girl. You’re also a bit of a coward. If your faith was SO strong and SO right, a few little questions wouldn’t shake it. So, you go right ahead and run and hide. I wouldn’t want to upset your perfect little fantasy. However, if you ever get ready for reality, I’ll help you realize what I know…..ALL religions are just stories made up to control the masses and gain money and power and god is just a myth.
Kaoutar Zahraoui: No thank you! keep your knowledge and your studies for yourself, it will serve you 😉 I’m glad with what I am! I am totally satisfied (thank you god ♥ )!

Ahh by the way, you didnt say that you’re not going to answer me again ??? What you do it then ??
Keep your promess BIG GIRL 😀 !

Jenna Smith: You said you weren’t going to harass me. I figured one lie deserved another.
Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy your bliss.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Hahahahaha noo sweety! i didn’t say it ! i said that IM FREE ! I CAN EXPLAIN AS I WANT ! 😉

Jenna Smith: Yes, you did. You said you never wanted to harass anyone.
Messaging me out of the blue after weeks of not communicating IS harassment. Look, child, if you wish to debate, don’t be a coward. Add me and do it publicly. Otherwise, you’re just a weak, little girl who doesn’t have the conviction of her faith. You say you really believe in Islam and it’s true, so put your actions behind your words. STAND UP FOR IT PUBLICLY. Don’t be so scared. Surely if it’s right, it can stand the questions.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: No I did not say! and whatever .. It’s my turn then please stop bothering me! it was my last msg and i wish you wont answer again 🙂

Jenna Smith: Now, LITTLE GIRL…..and I call you that because not only am I old enough to be your mother, you have the unbridled arrogance of youth. Add me or leave me alone.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: Allah isme7 lek u ihdik u khlas hedshi li n9der nzidek! 🙂

Jenna Smith: Coward. Write it in English.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I said may god forget ua and help ua to know the right way! 🙂

Jenna Smith: What a rude thing to say!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I’ve prayed for ua! that’s not a bad thing don’t worry 😉 ! and by the way, uar not obligated to answer or to say something! cuz for us, in our religion when we pray for ua ! you’ve just to say amen! to get the good things that’s it 🙂 !

Jenna Smith: So you sat there and did nothing but hope I would believe your fairytale.
You’re so rude! It’s pathetic the way you religious people act toward the rest of us! You demand respect, but refuse to give it.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: No, i didn’t pray that you believe in my religion! I prayed in general 😉 ! Gosh how ua can make things sens out !!!!!! ua never want to understand others :/

Jenna Smith: Child, all prayer is a waste of time. How about you use those hands for work instead of wasting time.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I work harder than you think my dear! I am active dont worry! 🙂

Jenna Smith: BTW, this entire conversation is going in my blog……and being linked to my FB page.
If you’ve got time to pray, you don’t have nearly enough to do.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: I’ve time for both !

Jenna Smith: No, you waste time talking to yourself and wishing others would believe the same foolishness.

Kaoutar Zahraoui: 😀 (Her penchant for smilies is annoying.)

Jenna Smith: And I’m still blogging this……
and i am not changing the names……you’re about to be facebook famous
Remember when you told me to “GO TO HELL”? That was SO Muslim of you!

Kaoutar Zahraoui: You was talking with a bad way !!! you was attacking ma sister , you was attacking me !! that’s why i have say it !!
and dont worry im not scared about anything ! stop telling me that you posting that on your wall because i TOTALY dont care!!!! i am so convinced about what i say!

Jenna Smith: I did NOT attack you or your sister. I asked QUESTIONS about your religion. You then demanded I remove them and then tried to damn me to hell. Go back….read them again. I NEVER attacked either of you. I ONLY asked a few simple questions.

And there it ended. For now at least!

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