Bathroom Photography–

Please! No more bathroom photography!

 There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed on the internet…….Self-portraits of people taken in the bathroom mirror. This simply MUST stop. Backgrounds range from a putrid pink tile bathroom with gold tone, sea-motif fixtures to turds in the unflushed toilet to a cheeky public restroom with retro black and white tile complete with urinals.

 Now I know that folks want to have pics of themselves online, but don’t these people have any friends? I have lots and lots of pics and never once have I had to resort to a self-portrait on a cell phone in a badly lit bathroom. Every pic I’ve had taken was either taken by another or, at worst, at arm’s length by myself.

 People, we do NOT want to see your bathrooms. We don’t want to see your unflushed toilets, your piles of laundry, your drying undies, your grimy mirror smudges, or your toothbrush. Do the rest of the world a favor…….have someone take a fucking pic for you! As much time and effort as goes into potty portraits, you can pause while busily hanging out, killing time or chillin’ to have someone take a few quick shots. Hell, they might even do a good job! Can’t be any worse than the restroom rendition.


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