Hello Boys

Hello, boys–good to see you again!

I’m gonna speak and scare some of you “men”.

See, I’m not meek and a 2 ain’t my size.

I got some big ol’ titties and some fat, juicy thighs.

You’re scared of the power that moves under my skin.

That’s why you prefer your girls small, flat and thin.

You’re scared of my ass. You’re scared of my twat.

You’re scared of my mind filled with rebellious thought.

You tell me I’m ugly when I’m merely fat.

You say, “Bitch, I know you don’t think you’re all that!”

But I know I’m beautiful and I know I’m hot.

And I know I’m all the things you wish you forgot.

My hair is a flame. My eyes are like gems.

There is comfort and warmth in the spread of my limbs.

My skin is like satin. My lips are like honey.

I’m smart, I’m quick, and, motherfucker, I’m funny!

I can chat about bullshit or talk something deep.

I can cook you your breakfast and rock you to sleep.

I can make you sing chouruses of sweet “Hallelujah”.

And make you walk so tall, folks wish they knew ya.

But you insist on trying to run me down.

When you call me names, you make yourself the clown.

Because I’m not defined by your miniscule mind

Or your sad little insults or your ties that bind.

See, what you forget is I don’t NEED your ass.

I don’t need your dick. I don’t need your cash.

I don’t need you to make me the woman I AM.

What I need you to do is be a FUCKING MAN!

Don’t get all mad if I don’t bow and scrape.

If I say ‘no’, don’t try to rape.

Don’t try to beat me because I looked somewhere else.

Have some dignity, man. Take some pride in yourself.

A real man’s not threatened by a woman with strength.

He’s not scared when she talks. He’s not scare if she thinks.

He likes a woman who can hold her own,

Who can stand up straight and walk alone.

Let me bottom line this–put it down on the wire.

If I have a man, it’s not from need–it’s desire.

It won’t be because I must have you here.

It’s only because I lust for you, dear.

So don’t think you can force me or push me around.

Nothing you do can keep me down.

So watch out, boys, because I’m still here.

But all you Real Men–you have nothing to fear.


1 Response to “Hello Boys”

  1. 1 Alex
    October 14, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    You are smart!

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