The Friday Free-For-All!

So it’s Friday. We get one every week just like they planned it that way. Most of us look forward to Fridays……I know I do. So on Fridays, I’m going to post a few ideas I’ve had throughout the week and see what sails and what sinks.

Here goes:

—-My Mom goes home from rehab today. No, she wasn’t a drunk, although that might have been fun to watch coming from her. She fell and broke her arm and leg early last month and is now deemed well enough to go home. I wonder if this will encourage her to boost her calcium and exercise more or if she will end up bedridden. It’s a toss up. If she winds up bedridden, I’m getting her a nice Phillipino nurse and heavy sedation.

—-My nephew just went back to Afghanistan Monday. It’s such a waste…..he’s a wonderful, sweet, gentle, caring man with a wife and two kids. I wonder when our president will realize that NO ONE has ever won a war there and bring all our people home. Hell, If Ghengis Khan didn’t have a chance, you know for damn straight Barack Obama ain’t gonna be the first to do it.

—-I’m thinking about quitting smoking. I only smoke about two packs a week anyway. However, I read that living in Los Angeles and breathing that air is equavalent to smoking a pack a day. If I continue to live here in the swamp with all the clean air, is it the same as NOT moving to L.A.?

—-I have 14 dogs. Yes, that is fourteen. A lot of people want to think that’s a lot, however, 14 dogs is cheaper than one kid and less trouble than one man. I think the trade off works for me. I couldn’t feed a child on $26 a week. And the dogs don’t give me crap if I don’t cook.

—-I’ve decided that drinking is cheaper than therapy.

—-I’ve got a bet with a friend. He’s challenged me to only think of nice guys and look for nice guys for the next two weeks. I took him up. We shall see and report.

—-I have noticed that women who lose a bunch of weight get really mean. Has anyone else noticed this?

Okay. I’m done for now. I’m gonna get drunk and be stupid.


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