Damn the Patriarchy!

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Damn the patriarchy.

And while I’m at it, let me add a few more things to that list.

–Damn those high school and college athletes who grope, grab, fondle, molest, harass, rape and slut-shame and get away with it because they are good at some ridiculous sport.

–Damn the preachers, teachers, parents, mentors and leaders who make excuses like “boys will be boys” and “it was just horseplay” when those self same athletes do their heinous acts.

–Damn the women who take the side of men and call other women slut, whore, cunt, bitch, and skank when women are attacked.

–Damn those who blame victims for rape.

–Damn the ones who put the onus of men’s behavior on women.

–Damn any ideology that sees women as inferior.

–Damn burkas, veils, pantyhose, corsets, high heels, hijabs and anything else women have to wear to please or placate men.

–Damn all those men and women who think it’s A-OK to call women bitches and whores.

–Damn all those companies and corporations who make money off the insecurities of women.

–Damn the professional clubs and organizations that still discriminate on the basis of gender.

–Damn the professions that still pay men more than women.

You know what…….DAMN IT ALL! It’s not right. It’s not fair. It’s not good.

From now on, I refuse to tow the mark. I’m not going to follow a rule, observe a tradition or honor anydamnthing that refuses to respect me and my gender. We are women. Half the population of the planet and yet we still only own 1% of the world’s property. We are still bartered, sold, traded and married off against our will. We are still killed, maimed and mutilated in the name of religion or tradition or honor. We are demeaned, degraded, defiled and dismissed by individuals, communities, states and I for one am heartily sick of it.

There’s a revolution coming. Women are rising up. Be warned. We are going to turn this rock on its ear, take no prisoners and yield no quarter.

Damn the patriarchy………..time for a little ol’ fashioned karma to come ’round.


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