Unasked Question About “Salvation”

Okay, we all know I think Christianity is a load of shit and I’ve clarified a few of the reasons why I think so, but I have a question to ask of Christians.

If God the Father just HAD to kill someone to redeem everyone (which in itself is not only a ridiculous but vulgar proposition) then why is it not failsafe? In other words, why must one accept the belief that Jesus died for our sins for it to actually save us? Why didn’t God just say, “Okay, I killed my son to save all y’all and you’re all going to heaven……no exceptions! He died for YOUR sins so don’t worry about a thing. Consider it your ‘Get Out of Hell Free’ card.” If he’s so benevolent and loving and merciful then why not make it good for everyone regardless?

Now, don’t trot out the old “free will” argument. It doesn’t make sense if you want to claim omniscience for God. So either we have free will and can actually change events OR God knows everything beforehand and nothing we do can change diddly…..either way, why not make the salvation failsafe? It wouldn’t affect free will to be given a gift freely without the strings of belief attached. And if God is omniscient, it wouldn’t change anything there either.

I think the fact that you HAVE to believe to be “saved” proves that it’s not about a deity at all but about power and control. If everyone is saved regardless of how they think or believe or behave, then they can’t control you. However, if, as Christians assert, you must believe to be saved and you are then to follow the rules and regulations they can assert control over you. They can tell you how to spend your money, how to use your time, who to fuck, how to fuck, when you can and cannot do this, that and the other, who to like and dislike and a whole host of other dictatorial bullshit.

So how about it Christians? Why isn’t salvation failsafe? Why, if Jesus paid the ultimate price (which he didn’t if he was resurrected–contradiction much?) for our sins, isn’t it good for everyone no matter what?


4 Responses to “Unasked Question About “Salvation””

  1. November 3, 2011 at 9:55 am

    because God is good, he must punish bad behaviour. Are you saying God would be a better, more compassionate God, if rapists could get a license to keep raping, murderers to keep murdering, adulterers to keep adulterating, liars to keep lying, robbers to keep robbing? if God just gave everyone a license to keep doing wrong, he would be a better God? Ask yourself if this makes sense or not.

    God loves people, so he hates whatever hurts people, and that is called sin. So, God offers forgiveness when a person turns around from sin, God is calling all to turn around.

    If there is no God, then sin is just profitable, and enjoyable. But if there is a God, he will punish those who do not turn around. For those who turn around, Jesus provides the ransom.

    • November 3, 2011 at 3:50 pm

      If, as you assert, god is good and must punish bad behavior, then why is it possible for a rapist or murderer to get into heaven if they repent but a kind, decent, caring person who never hurt another person and contributed to society will burn simply because he cannot believe? Make no mistake. The whole idea of vicarious redemption is not only impossible, but utterly disgusting and I want no part of it. Not only does Christianity claim I was BORN a sinner for a crime I couldn’t have had any part of, but I am damned if I do not accept the blood sacrifice that, had I been present, I would have tried to prevent. Scapegoating is not a valid moral principle.

      If your god loves everyone, then why do children suffer and die from poverty, illness, abuse, etc? What sin have infants committed that they deserve to starve to death. Do you honestly believe children have to suffer for the sins of others? Is that really the act of a loving god?

      I’ve recently come to think that belief in the god of Abraham is a test. If you believe in that genocidal, hateful, misogynistic, xenophobic, lying, murderous deity that condones, endorses and approves of child sacrifice, child rape, looting, pillage, slavery, murder for victimless crimes and general all around unpleasantness, then you’ve failed. To pass the test, one must have the courage to say that deity is evil, immoral, hateful and wrong.

      So far, you’re failing.

      Now…..I’ve replied to all your idiocy. Do me a favor and find some other woman to share your repulsive ideas with. I am done with you.

      • 3 Jay
        November 9, 2011 at 10:55 pm

        It’s pretty apparent from your language that you don’t actually want to explore these issues. Rather, you get off on being condescending. Just look at the tone of David’s post and then yours. Do you really feel you’ve responded in kind?

        I hope some day you are able to set your pride down for a moment and really think honestly about something. Anything.

      • November 10, 2011 at 3:27 am

        I don’t know what “issues” you think I’ve not considered honestly since you didn’t see fit to name them.

        You’re not the arbiter of manners or demeanor on this blog.

        Now, if you care to CLEARLY enumerate the issues you feel I’ve not been honest about, I’ll address those. If you’re just here to call me on the carpet for bad manners and unwomanly pride, you can kiss my pretty pink ass.

        I strongly suspect you’re a personal cohort of David’s sent her to harass me in my comment section with your fatuous opinion. I might be wrong, but you will have to prove that.

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