The Aliens (a song)

I am tired of all this talk about the aliens and how people think they want to rule the earth.

I believe the truth might be much simpler and just might be a thought to cause you mirth.

I don’t believe the aliens are as sinister as experts here often like to say.

The aliens just might be as dumb as you and me and visitors are just guys who lost their way.


Crop circles might be only big graffiti from aliens who just stopped to sign their name.

Or maybe they stopped to take a tinkle and chose to jerk our collective chain.

Or maybe it’s two guys out on a bender–who says an alien doesn’t like his beer?

Perhaps they’re only playing and all they’re really saying is, “We really love the chicks that you’ve got here!”


And I believe there might be a connection between aliens and dryers that eat socks.

Perhaps they think socks are quite delicious and don’t have as many calories as rocks.

They may be serving them as appetizers, a special treat at any alien bash.

Perhaps they like to eat things that taste like sweaty feet. Just be happy that they don’t eat up your stash!


Abductions are another cause of terror. A capture by an alien is our dread.

For no one wants to feel an icy probe prodding in their belly or their head.

But try to think of aliens as friendly. It’s not their aim to try and make us cry.

The truth might simply be that our blood and bile and pee are substances that make an alien high.


So now I have amused you with this ditty about our little friends from outer space.

If you ever have a chance to meet one, greet him with a smile upon your face.

Remember that out there in the Universe, the aliens are our celestial friends.

They know who we are because they’re watching from afar and might save our ass when our world finally ends!


1 Response to “The Aliens (a song)”

  1. October 22, 2011 at 11:59 am

    I think if the aliens really exist…..then its time we begin to relate with them…..may be they can help us fix some of our environmental issues like Global warming…..

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