Another Nasty Hypocrite: AKA Good Christian.



Ahh, Facebook….you supply an endless source of idiotic, hateful theists. Nessy unfriended me after this exchange. What

sterling example of Christian loving-kindness.

Nessy: for you ..then thank you for helping and Jesus that your ass was there x

Jenna: Then why didn’t Jesus do it?

Nessy: because he doesnt have a physical body at the moment

Jenna: Then what good is he?

Nessy: He has answered my prayers for every great thing in my life that i have, so im happy with our relationship

Jenna: Then you’d be happy to take a scriptural prayer challenge???

Nessy: a what lol?

Jenna: John 14:13 says, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” These words are attributed to Jesus.

Here’s the challenge: I have a specific miracle in mind. It should be quite simple for Jesus …See More

Nessy: I dont follow anyones ideas on religion, or every man written word of the bible. I am the church of Nessy so call me a cherry picker if you will i dont care im a spiritual individual with my own faith and philosophies.

Jenna : Do you believe the words that Jesus supposedly spoke???

Nessy: If i was certain that they were his words yes x

Nessy: What do you want me to pray for lol?

Jenna: Nessy, I’m rather strict about this sort of thing……if you’re going to promote or expound an ideology on my page, then you have to be prepared to prove it.

And the thing I wish you to pray for will be revealed after 24 hours. Surely Jesus can read my mere mortal mind.

Nessy: lol! im not promoting anything? you asked a question and i answered..

Nessy: Jesus wouldnt want to read your mind Jenna..he would need therapy lol

Jenna: So which is it? Does Jesus answer your prayers or not? This is quite important to me. Are you too afraid to fail?

Jenna: Nessy, are you implying that I’m so demented and evil that the son of god couldn’t handle my psyche?

Do you know what sort of insult you’ve just delivered as a joke? Just because I don’t believe in your deity doesn’t mean I know a slam when I see it.

Nessy: not all of them ..no

Jenna: So did Jesus lie in John 14:13?

Jenna: Don’t you think he’d answer something that would “save my mortal soul”?

Nessy: lmao i thought you were proud of your insanity and dark side i apologise if i offended you

Jenna: I’m proud of the fact that I’m creative and I embrace both my light and dark sides.

However, I think you’re afraid to fail.

Nessy: nope

Jenna: Then do you accept the challenge?

Nessy: no

Nessy: lol game of thrones starts in 10 minutes

Jenna: Why not? Don’t you have faith?

Jenna: So you’re only a “Christian” as a convenience and not as any true conviction.

Jenna: There’s a name for people like that………

Nessy: like i said i dont conform to no laws or rules i have my own spirituality

Jenna: Then please respect MY PAGE and don’t promote your amorphous spirituality and belief in Jesus unless you’re prepared to back it up.

Nessy: back it up with what ? my own 37 years of life experiences philosophy and reading and cram it into a facebook comment..ok fine keep your atheist shit to yourself and off my homepage . Bye now Jenna nice knowing you NOT

Jenna: That doesn’t qualify as proof or evidence. I don’t go on YOUR page and post ANYTHING atheist.

Jenna: BTW, I see how respectful and decent you are as a “Christian”. Y’all are more than happy to spew your “beliefs” as fact but when challenged, you become nasty and vicious.

And so it always goes………


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