Open Letter to a Rapist’s Father

brockturner memeRecently, Brock Turner was convicted of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster after a party. It was recommended that he be sentenced to 16 years in prison. Instead, some shit for brains judge deemed the young Mr. Turner to have too much “potential” and too much of a future as a swimmer and so sentenced him to a mere 6 months in a county jail. Of which he will probably only serve a few weeks, if we’re lucky.

Turner’s father, Dan, then wrote a letter about how “20 minutes” shouldn’t affect the rest of his son’s life and how it was an “event” and how this is going to harm his son. It was nauseating. In response to the elder Mr. Turner’s whiny letter of umbrage, I have myself written a brief letter explaining why he’s a piece of shit. Enjoy.

Dear Mr. Turner,

One hopes against hope that your son isn’t raped in prison. However, if it does happen, are you going to dismiss it as “just one rape” as long as he isn’t raped repeatedly? How many rapes does it take to count? Three rapes? Twenty?

Rape is rape, you irresponsible piece of shit. I see now where your son gets his morals and values from. No wonder he re-wrote his little narrative after finding out his victim was unable to recall his attack. I don’t care if it took 20 minutes or 20 hours. It can take only seconds to kill. I think the fact that it took 20 minutes and he didn’t think “I shouldn’t do this” in that space of time is a condemnation, not a reason to minimize. 20 minutes is a long damn time to have a stranger holding you down behind a dumpster and violating you against your will.

Thanks for giving us all a view into the shady way you’ve raised your son to view women and rape. Again, I hope nothing happens to him. Odds are better for him than a woman on the street. 1 in 10 men are raped in prison. 1 in 5 women are raped in college. He’s statistically safer in prison than a woman is in college.

Think about that while you worry about your son.

Sick of Rape Culture.


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